My Personal Identity System

This is my own professional identity system for my freelance company, Autumn Nelson Design. It follows a cohesive design throughout each piece and really showcases my own personal style. 



Pinhook Provisions

Pinhook Provisions, opened in 2015, was Huntsville's first street food park. It was located beside Pinhook Creek. Stories say that people would fish in Pinhook Creek during the Great Depression to provide food for their families, which is where the fish hook elements come into play. 

Clip It 


Clip It Company Identity System

This is a professional identity system that I created for an imaginary paper clip company, including the logo, business card, letterhead, and envelope.





Mama's American Table Identity System

This was a part of a marketing plan for a local restaurant, Mama's American Table. This identity system includes the logo, letterhead, envelope, and business card.



Custom Skateboard: Urban Jungle

This was a really fun project for me because I had never done a skateboard before. Credit for the vinyl application of the design to the board goes to Zazzle (www.zazzle.com).



Barbed Wire Wine Rebranding

This project was to recreate the label of an existing brand of wine. I chose the Barbed Wire Brand. You can see the process I took to perfect each detail of the label. 



Sewies by Katie

These are business card and online graphics for a startup company, Sewies by Katie. The client wanted a "homemade" look to her designs, and I believe that the finished product relates a personal and inviting atmosphere to her customers.

Copy Design


Copy Design

These are examples of my skills at using typography in various ways to create different, unique looks using the same bit of information. 



Individual Logos

These are examples of individual logos that I have created for various clients.



Social Media Images

Creating custom Snapchat filters has become one of my favorite social media tools! Here are just a few examples of filters I've created recently.



Downtown Huntsville, Inc. Projects

During my time as Events and Communications Coordinator at Downtown Huntsville, Inc., I was fortunate enough to work on many projects that benefitted the downtown community. These are a few of my favorites!

Find Your


DHI Marketing Campaign

In early 2020, DHI released a brand new marketing campaign titled "Find Your Downtown Huntsville." Previous campaigns for the organizations focused on introducing Downtown Huntsville and showcasing the unique aspects of our city center; however, we wanted this campaign to take it one step further and invite viewers to now create their own downtown experience.

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Art in the Alley

Art in the Alley is a monthly event held in Fort Payne, Alabama. It is an opportunity for local artists to showcase their work while visitors can browse, drink, and listen to live music.